Monday, September 28, 2015

Week of 9/28/15

Welcome back--hope you all had a lovely fall break! We are jumping back in with groups this week.

VC Theory: We will continue with All-State prep--ear training and sight reading practice.

RC Piano: We will continue with checking off scales and cadences and also get to work on your repertoire for your upcoming class recital (recital date mid-October--TBD).

CC Theory: We will begin minor scales this week--all three forms. Visit for extra resources.

Phoenix Theory: We will do a quick review of inversions and figured bass and apply these concepts to part-writing.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Week of 9/14/15

Here is what's going on this week:

VC: We will hear your All-State Solos (GRADED). Please don't forget to dress nicely on your performance day. Check Dr. Woolf's blog for the schedule.

RC: We are focusing on practice strategies for repertoire and also getting down to business on learning your scales and cadences. You will have a graded progress check on your repertoire on the second day of your group rotation.

CC: We are zeroing in on All-State skills. Come with your ears ready for audiation and error detection and possibly some sight-singing as well.

Phoenix: We are continuing with part-writing norms and rules.