Monday, October 26, 2015

Happy Concert Week

Happy Concert Week, everyone! Due to concert prep, we will not be having theory or piano groups this week.

Special note for RC--since we missed groups the last two weeks, the deadline for your scale check-offs will be extended to November 6th. Please practice on your own time so that you can come in and knock out the scale and cadence patterns quickly. The piano lab is open for extra practice before and after school.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Week of 10/19/15

We are starting to get in concert mode this week: please visit Dr. Woolf's blog for additional details.

Here's what will be happing in groups.

VC: We will have sight-singing marathons in your groups since we will not have much time to practice All-State skills when we are all together.

RC: Scale check-offs! Also, don't forget to view the video from your recital and send me your grade. That is due by Wednesday. The rubric may be found here.

CC: We will not have regular groups due to concert prep this week, but some of you will get some extra theory/All-State skills practice if you are mostly finished with your concert assignment.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Week of 10/12/15

VC: We will do double groups on Wednesday and Thursday. In theory we will begin rhythmic dictation and have a competition to see who has the "Ear Extraordinaire" in All-State ear training skills. You will have a quiz on error detection and audiation on Friday.

RC: Recital on Friday! We will spend class time preparing for your recital, including practice performances and familiarization with the rubric, which can be found here.

CC: In theory groups we will continue with minor scales and figured bass realization.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Week of 10/5/15

VC: We will be continuing with All-State prep on ear training and sight-singing.

RC: In piano this week we will be continuing with scales and with repertoire. On the second day of class we will discuss what makes a good piano performance, so please bring your journals to class.

CC: No theory this week. Check Dr. Woolf's blog for details.