Monday, December 12, 2016

Week of 12/13/16

Congratulations on a beautiful holiday concert! And now, we look ahead to final exams.

All groups will be reviewing for finals this week. Please see Dr. Woolf's blog for additional reminders about schedules and end of year procedures.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Concert Week!

No groups this week for concert prep. Please see Dr. Woolf's blog for rehearsal schedules. :)

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Week of 11/14/16

5 days till Thanksgiving break! That's something for which to be grateful!

Here's the plan for groups this week:

VC: Intro to tetrachords and scales. We will be back in your textbook, so make sure that you bring it!

RC3: Scales and cadences are due by Friday. Don't forget that you can video them to send to me--just make sure that I can see your fingerings.

RC4: Your piano final (repertoire or excerpt) will happen this week.

CC: Intro to triads.

Phoenix: Wrapping up research and preparing your presentations.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Week of 10/31/16

Here's the plan for groups this week:

VC: Sightreading. All the time, until All-State.

RC3: Scale and cadence check-offs. The deadline has been moved back to 11/18 to finish all twelve Major keys. Please remember that you may e-mail me videos of your scales and cadences--just be sure that I can see your fingering.

RC4: Repertoire work for your final exam, which will be the week before Thanksgiving break.

Lerner: Application of non chord tone analysis to a Bach chorale.

Loewe: Minor scales quiz!

Phoenix: Continuing with your research project.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Week of 10/23

Here's the plan for groups this week:

VC: Sightreading!!!

RC3: Scales and cadence check-offs

RC4: Piano repertoire checks (non-graded)

Lerner & Loewe: No groups this week. Loewe, be ready for your minors quiz next week!

Phoenix: Starting an exciting new project to finish out the semester. Details in class.

All-State Solos and Showcase rehearsals are also happening this week, so be sure to check Dr. Woolf's blog for scheduling details.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Week of 10/3/16

Here's the plan for groups this week:

VC: Make sure you have your theory workbooks for class this week! We'll be learning all about sharps and flats and relationships between notes (pg. 34-39 if you want to look ahead).

RC3: Continuing with scale and cadence check-offs.

RC4: Continuing with learning your repertoire for your final. We will also begin a warm-up project.

Lerner: All about minor scales!

Loewe: We'll be applying Figured Bass and Roman Numerals to analysis of choral music.

Phoenix: Intro to non-chord tones in musical analysis.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week of 9/6/16

Hope you all had a lovely Labor Day weekend! Here is the plan for groups this week.

VC: More on reading music, including a vocab list for pitch and rhythm (hint: pitch=frequency, rhythm=duration) and a "find your matches" sight singing activity.

RC3: Playing your own triad! You will only have one group rotation this week due to concert prep, so you will spend time practicing playing your own triad and starting pitch and then have a quick playing test to make sure that you can do so.

RC4: Continuing with scale check-offs. Reminder that the scales are due on 9/23, and we will likely not have groups next week because of concert prep. You effectively have three more class days to knock out the rest of the major scales and cadences.

Lerner: We will finish up with 7th chords this week.

Loewe: You will have an interval quiz, and then an introduction to triads.

Phoenix: No theory this week due to concert prep.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Week of 8/29/16

Here's the plan for groups this week:

VC: First theory class of the year! We will begin a unit on reading music. This week we will start on note names and rhythmic durations. Please see and/or pages 3-8 of your textbook for additional practice identifying note names.

RC3: You have one more day to practice your piece, and then your check off will be on the second piano class day of the week.

RC4: This week you will continue with scale check offs. You must also choose your first piece of repertoire by the end of the week.

CC Lerner: As requested by many of you, we will have a review of seventh chords this week.

CC Loewe: Interval scavenger hunt! You will have a quiz over all intervals in theory class next week.

CC Phoenix: We will do a Roman Numeral analysis activity and some independent sight-reading.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Week of 8/22/16

Groups begin this week! Here's the plan:

VC Theory: We will be learning to sing Major and chromatic scales.

RC Piano: Picking repertoire for the semester!

CC Theory: Quick interval review, and then discussing plans for the semester.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Week of 5/16/16

Here's the plan:

VC: Review for your final. See previous posts for your study guide.

RC: Piano finals and juries in class.

CC: Review for your final. See previous posts for your study guide and practice exam. Once you've taken the practice exam, see how well you did using these answers.

Phoenix: Review for your final. See previous posts for your study guide and practice exam. Once you've taken the practice exam, check yourself against these answers.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Week of 5/9/16

Senior recitals are next weekend! If you did not write a recital credit about the Senior Soiree, then you need to make plans to attend at least one of the senior recitals.

Here's the plan for groups this week:

VC: Continuing to review for your final.

RC: Continuing to practice for your juries/final.

CC: Review for the final, with a focus on triads and seventh chords. Refer to the study guide in last week's blog post, and attempt the Practice Test to see how ready you are.

Phoenix: Review for the final, with a focus on analysis. Use the study guide in last week's blog post, and try the Practice Test for extra practice.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Week of 5/2/16

Here's the plan for groups this week:

VC: We will continue to review for your final. You will have an opportunity to creatively demonstrate the knowledge that you have mastered over this year. :) For further information on what you need to know for the final, please see your VC Theory Final Study Guide.

RC: Progress checks are Monday-Wednesday, then continuing to prepare for juries and finals.

CC: Review for your final. See your CC Theory Final Study Guide for more details on what exactly you need to know.

Phoenix: Review for your final. See your Phoenix Theory Final Study Guide for more details.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Week of 4/25/16

YAY GROUPS!!! Here's the plan:

VC: We will be reviewing for your written jury and final. Jeopardy's the name of the game. :)

RC: We will be jumping back into preparation for your piano jury and final, both of which will happen in-class the week of May 16-20. The jury will be two scales and cadence patterns selected at random, and the final will be your current piano repertoire.

CC: We will be reviewing all of the topics that we've covered this year in preparation for your written jury and final--special focus on new material such as Roman Numerals and 7th chords.

Phoenix: This week you will have a class period to continue working on your Regina Coeli Analysis, and next week you will present to your classmates what you have learned. We will also discuss your theory final.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Week of 4/18/16

Happy Concert Week!!! Don't forget to invite friends and family. :))))

No groups this week. Keep in mind that juries are coming.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Week of 4/11/16

No groups this week since we are prepping for our concert next Tuesday. See Dr. Woolf's blog for rehearsal schedules. Don't forget to invite people to the concert!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Week of 3/28/16

Last week before spring break!!! Here's the plan.

VC: All about relative minors! You will have a chance to practice finding relative minors in your groups, and Friday you will have an identification quiz in which you will be presented with a key signature and must name both the Major and the relative minor keys. For extra practice, please use the following exercises from (use the emblem in the middle of the upper right hand corner to customize for minor--turn "minor mode" to green, and make sure that all key signatures are highlighted).

RC: No groups this week. Class project performances!

CC: No groups this week, as we will be digging in on concert repertoire.

Please see Dr. Woolf's blog for more details on concert repertoire and rehearsal schedules.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Week of 3/21/14

Congrats to the cast and crew of Pirates--you presented a fun show!

Here's the plan for groups this week.

VC: You will have the opportunity to retake your key signatures quiz and will also have an overview of relative minors.

RC: No piano groups this week due to class projects. Repertoire and pianist assignments can be found  here.

CC: Stay has not yet been determined if we will have time for theory groups this week.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Week of 3/14/16

Here's the plan for this week:

VC: We will continue with key signatures, beginning with an intro to relative minors.

RC: Your practice jury (a scale and cadence pattern chosen randomly and played at a tempo of 60 bpm) will happen on the first day of group rotation. Then focus on repertoire.

CC: Hopefully we are able to have groups this week--fingers crossed! We will begin on 7th chords.

Phoenix: Ditto. We will try to begin wrapping up your analysis project.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Week of 3/7/16

Congrats to everyone on your LGPE performance. And now...back to our regularly programmed groups!!!

VC: This week we will be reviewing and wrapping up major key signatures. You will have a quiz next Monday. For extra practice with notating key signatures, you may use the following worksheet.

RC: We will be focusing on repertoire in piano. In addition, you should be reviewing your Major scale and cadence patterns in preparation for the juries that are coming before too long.

CC: We will be beginning 7th chords this week--quality and function.

Phoenix: This will be the second week that you will have the whole class period to work on your group analysis project. You should be finishing up the analysis and research and beginning to think about your presentation.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Week of 2/8/16

Countdown to winter break: 5 days!!!

Here's the plan for this week:

VC: We will continue with the Circle of 5ths. On Friday (Thursday for 4th period) you will have a quiz in which you will write the Circle from memory.

RC: Monday and Tuesday we are wrapping up the Technology Projects. Don't forget that they are due on Friday, along with your one page reflection. Details are here. Wednesday and Thursday we will be jumping into your new repertoire.

CC: No groups this week due to Senior Soiree and Black History Program prep. Check Dr. Woolf's blog for details.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Week of 2/1/15

We are back to a regular group rotation, so here are the plans for this week:

VC Theory: Review of the scale pattern and introduction to the Circle of 5ths. If you are not happy with your quiz grade on the scales and tetrachords quiz, please schedule a time before or after school to get help and retake the quiz.

RC Piano: The first day of your groups, we will continue with our work on the Tech Projects. On the second day, we will nail down repertoire (everyone needs to have repertoire chosen and approved this week).

CC Theory: We will continue with function of triads. Make sure that you have your worksheet from Friday to complete (it will be graded).

Phoenix Theory: We will begin an analysis/research project on Regina Coeli. Details are here.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Week of 1/25/16

Hope you all enjoyed the snow! Here are the plans for groups this week:

VC: We will review scales, tetrachords, and scale degrees. You will have a quiz over this material on FRIDAY.

RC: We will only have one group rotation this week, so we will continue with the tech project. Your project needs to have a clear direction and be well-started at this point. Remember that it is due on February 12th.

CC: If we have groups this week (uncertain due to madrigal presentations and the cast of All Shook Up being gone several days), then we will begin function of triads.

Phoenix: We will begin the Regina Coeli analysis project. Details to be announced in class.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Week of 1/19/16

Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend! Here's the plan for groups this week:

VC Theory: We will begin on tetrachords, and possibly even get to the Major scale.

RC Piano: We will only have one group rotation this week, and it will be a work day on your technology project. If you have not yet decided what to do for the project, you need to make up your mind asap. Guidelines, deadlines, and instructions can be found here.

CC Theory: No theory groups this week due to Senior Soiree hearings, but if you did not turn in your worksheet from last week, please do so quickly. Points will be taken off for late work, but that is better than the zeros that will begin to go in the gradebook over the next few days.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Welcome Back!

Hope you all had a good week and are gearing up for a great semester! Here's the plan for piano and theory groups this week:

VC: We will be starting on tetrachords, the building blocks of scales.

RC: You will choose repertoire for this semester, as well as begin an exciting technology project. Details can be found here.

CC: Quick review of intervals--your quiz will be next week (no delays this time!). Then moving on to triads.

Phoenix: We'll be finding practical applications for the analysis skills that we learned last semester.