Monday, January 25, 2016

Week of 1/25/16

Hope you all enjoyed the snow! Here are the plans for groups this week:

VC: We will review scales, tetrachords, and scale degrees. You will have a quiz over this material on FRIDAY.

RC: We will only have one group rotation this week, so we will continue with the tech project. Your project needs to have a clear direction and be well-started at this point. Remember that it is due on February 12th.

CC: If we have groups this week (uncertain due to madrigal presentations and the cast of All Shook Up being gone several days), then we will begin function of triads.

Phoenix: We will begin the Regina Coeli analysis project. Details to be announced in class.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Week of 1/19/16

Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend! Here's the plan for groups this week:

VC Theory: We will begin on tetrachords, and possibly even get to the Major scale.

RC Piano: We will only have one group rotation this week, and it will be a work day on your technology project. If you have not yet decided what to do for the project, you need to make up your mind asap. Guidelines, deadlines, and instructions can be found here.

CC Theory: No theory groups this week due to Senior Soiree hearings, but if you did not turn in your worksheet from last week, please do so quickly. Points will be taken off for late work, but that is better than the zeros that will begin to go in the gradebook over the next few days.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Welcome Back!

Hope you all had a good week and are gearing up for a great semester! Here's the plan for piano and theory groups this week:

VC: We will be starting on tetrachords, the building blocks of scales.

RC: You will choose repertoire for this semester, as well as begin an exciting technology project. Details can be found here.

CC: Quick review of intervals--your quiz will be next week (no delays this time!). Then moving on to triads.

Phoenix: We'll be finding practical applications for the analysis skills that we learned last semester.