Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week of 9/6/16

Hope you all had a lovely Labor Day weekend! Here is the plan for groups this week.

VC: More on reading music, including a vocab list for pitch and rhythm (hint: pitch=frequency, rhythm=duration) and a "find your matches" sight singing activity.

RC3: Playing your own triad! You will only have one group rotation this week due to concert prep, so you will spend time practicing playing your own triad and starting pitch and then have a quick playing test to make sure that you can do so.

RC4: Continuing with scale check-offs. Reminder that the scales are due on 9/23, and we will likely not have groups next week because of concert prep. You effectively have three more class days to knock out the rest of the major scales and cadences.

Lerner: We will finish up with 7th chords this week.

Loewe: You will have an interval quiz, and then an introduction to triads.

Phoenix: No theory this week due to concert prep.