Piano Practice Suggestions

Scales and Cadences:
-it is usually a good idea to START with scales and cadences to get your fingers warmed up
-accuracy of notes and fingering and a steady tempo are more important than speed
-check to be sure that your fingers are curved and you are not holding over multiple notes

"Work Practice"--when you are first learning a piece
-one hand at a time
-work in small sections
-put the hands together in small sections
-COUNT and keep a steady tempo
-focus on notes and rhythm first, then add dynamics, articulation, pedal, etc.
-isolate difficult parts
-layer melody and accompaniment

"Performance Practice"--when you are polishing a piece
-focus on expression and musicality
-sing the melodic line first, and then play it
-be sure that the melody is at the forefront dynamically

One of the best ways to practice (especially when you are nearing a performance) is to run the whole piece without stopping, paying close attention to specific things that need improvement. Then, go back and work on just the parts that you want to improve. Finally, run the piece another time or two to make sure that you have achieved your goal.

Happy practicing!!!

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